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LOCAL FARM FRESH local to you

About Us

Our Vision: “Local Farm Fresh supports the local community and economy by sourcing healthy food which is locally produced, so customers decide what they want delivered directly to their door”.


We are... local farmers, local businesses – experienced in business, tech savvy, lovers of good food and passionate about a healthy lifestyle.


Local Products and Customers

Our products are locally sourced to reduced food miles. When products are not available, we will look for 'fresh as possible as local as possible' and will clearly identify where they are sourced from. We will choose healthy products of the highest quality.

Our customers: may have limited time, access or mobility; dislike supermarket shopping; are lovers of good food; socially and environmentally aware; quality conscious; discretionary spenders.

Our Values

Our values: “We care about the community, economy & environment for a healthy lifestyle & sustainable future”


Additional values: Integrity, authenticity, service orientation, independence & interdependence, social awareness, quality, affordability/accessibility, transparency, ‘triple bottom line’ accountability (meeting the objectives of environmental, economic & community sustainability)

Benefits to the Customer, Farmers & Producers and Community



  • Convenience of delivery to their doors (with no delivery fee)
  • Personal service - face to face, telephone contact
  • Support to source and buy healthy local product to enhance their well-being
  • Availability of education in practical ways in living a sustainable life – seminars, recipes, healthy new products, environmentally friendly

Farmers & Producers

  • Expansion of local market for their products
  • Guidance for crops/products that local community want
  • Collaborative strategies that will support them to grow their business and goods
  • Experience of local support to assist their growth


  • Growing the local economy – locals supporting locals – keeping money local
  • Opportunity for increased awareness of health, sustainability of environment and conscious consuming
  • Experiencing the satisfaction of knowing that they are making a difference to supporting locals and local business rather than large corporations that do not have their interests at heart
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