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Big River Milk Full Cream 750ml Pasteurised

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?What the cow gives us, we give you?

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Big River Full Cream Milk will be pasteurised to remove any bacteria from the milk by heating it to a minimum of 72 degrees and retaining that temperature for a minimum of 15 seconds -?and then bottled to give you the old fashioned product where the cream will rise to the top enabling you to again experience scooping the cream off the top of the bottle or shaking the bottle to mix the cream back through the milk. Most milk today undergoes a process called homogenisation which pulverises the fat molecules under high pressure making them that small you cannot see them in the milk in the form of cream. Big River Milk premium line of milk will not be homogenised and is not modified in any form giving you the customer a real milk taste. As a result of this you will find some varying tastes in the milk from time to time as cows change their diets or the season changes with differing feed types being available to the cows. This milk is ideal for coffee shops for frothing and cooking uses at home for the making of yogurt and cheese due to the milk having all its natural properties

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